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Welcome to Colonial Spanish Families of Louisiana.

The first place to visit when researching Louisiana Spanish families genealogy/ancestry. This forum allows you to view personal research of Louisiana Spanish family trees, especially the Falcon family, and submit information about individuals or families.  Includes both Canary Islander families (Islenos) and Malaga families (Malaguenos).

Islenos of Louisiana

Malaguenos of Louisiana


Before I began this, 4 years ago I decided to work on my own family tree.  I spent a good part of my summer researching everything I could.  As I accumulated more and more information, I needed a place to archive the information.  Since then, I've amassed a great deal of information about my family and other Canary Islander families in Louisiana.  I started by releasing my entire Falcon family tree online and today, I've decided to release all my information on many Louisiana Spanish families I've researched.  I hope this site helps those who are working hard on their tree as I have done on mine. 

The information presented on this site is by no means guaranteed.  The accuracy is up to the researcher to verify its contents.  I work on over 40 family names and have over 10000 names in my database which leaves plenty of room for error.  By all means, I welcome those who have found inaccurate or incomplete information to submit the changes to me and I will do my best to keep the site updated.

I have had a lot of responses to the family tree so please take some time to examine it thoroughly online. Feel free to email/call with questions. I would love to spend some time with each family to make sure the tree is full and correct.

Family Tree/Web Page
Please submit ideas you have for this web page. I will see what I can do to incorporate them here.  Also, please submit corrections or additions to the family tree if you have them.

Wade Falcon
102 Rue Renoir
Lafayette, LA 70503
falcanary @ yahoo.com

Other Research
For internet guests doing genealogy research on a particular Falcon family, the Falcons listed on this site are from south Louisiana. If you have a Falcon relative from southern Louisiana, then likely this is the place you need to be for info. These Falcons are not to be confused with the ones in Texas historical documents and genealogy.  See the Mexico/Texas Falcon genealogy.