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Welcome to Islenos of Louisiana

Falcon Surname Research

The Falcon family tree v5.0 has been updated as of 10-1-2009.

Born in 1508, Diego Falcon came from Montehermoso, Extremadura, Spain to Gran Canaria and became Mayor of Teror. Since then, many Falcons have lived on the islands and prospered.  In 1750, Cristobal Falcon Jr. was born to Cristobal Falcon and Antonia Mexias in the town of Los Llanos in Telde, Gran Canaria.  Both he and his brother Gaspar were baptized at the church of San Juan Bautista de Telde.  Today, that church still exists holding the records of most Falcons living on the island.  Towns such as Teror, Arucas, Moya and Telde have vibrant histories of Falcons dating back to Diego.  These two brothers married two sisters of the De Nis family and in Oct 1778, sailed with their children to Spanish Louisiana.  They both settled in Valenzuela Settlement which is located near present-day Donaldsonville, Louisiana.  Almost all Falcons living in Louisiana today stem from these two brothers and their families.

My Falcon research.


As of 2012, I have updated the site and posted more family tree information.  Keep in mind due to privacy issues, any individuals considered living will be marked as so.

One of the biggest goals of all Isleno research is to trace the family surnames past the emigration as early as possible.  With the success of my Falcon research in Gran Canaria, I’ve desired to see if there is way to make connections with other researchers overseas who would be willing to help us.  Several historians and genealogists have helped me collect pedigree charts (ancestry charts) of some of these families throughout the Canaries.  I’m excited to deliver these pedigree charts to interested genealogists. 

·         Sebastien Hernandez

o    Pedigree (PDF)

o    Ahnentafel (PDF)

·         Joseph Hidalgo

o    Pedigree (PDF)

o    Ahnentafel (PDF)

·         Pedro Caballero

o    Pedigree (PDF)

o    Ahnentafel (PDF)

·         Cristobal Falcon Sr.

o    Pedigree (PDF)

o    Ahnentafel (PDF)

There are new plat maps of the Galveztown area dating back to 1820s. These show the areas of land owned by Islenos during this period.

·         Galveztown Plats (raw): http://www.wadefalcon.com/spanishlouisiana/Galveztown-Plats-A-1200.pdf  (70 MB)

·         Galveztown Plats (lightened): http://www.wadefalcon.com/spanishlouisiana/Galveztown-Plats-B-1200.pdf  (70 MB)

There are new plat maps of the Lafourche region (Valenzuela) dating back to 1820s and 1850s.  These show the areas of land owned by Islenos during this period.

·         Valenzuela Plats: http://www.wadefalcon.com/spanishlouisiana/Valenzuela-Plats-A-1200.pdf  (100 MB)

·         Valenzuela Tract List: http://www.wadefalcon.com/spanishlouisiana/US-TRACT-BOOK-VOLUME-43A-(NEW-ORLEANS-DISTRICT).pdf  (18 MB)

Back in June, I gave a presentation at the Baton Rouge State Archives building entitled “Casa de Falcon”.  Download the PDF slideshow and view the 5 part series videos on Youtube:

·         Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7jWP_iwb3M

·         Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zvrxTCedTc

·         Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aRQge3lQsM

·         Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEZSa9yY9_I

·         Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJegm1VJous

Back in July, I gave a presentation for the Lafayette Genealogical Society at the Lafayette Public Library building entitled “Islenos and Malaguenos of Louisiana”.  Download the PDF slideshow.


New families have been added as well as updated information on all trees.  Keep in mind due to privacy issues, any individuals considered living will be marked as so.

1804-1810 Lafourche Map - I have run across an old plat map which was published in the Louisiana Genealogical Register, December 1988, which shows families living around the Donaldsonville area right after the Louisiana Purchase.  This map is invaluable to those researching Islenos history.  It shows the land plots given to both the Islenos and the Acadians in Louisiana.  Feel free to share with others.